کابل پرینتر 5 متری فرانت

کابل پرینتر 5 متری فرانت

CABLE Faranet Printer USB2.0 5

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دسته بندی : کابل / تبدیل

USB 2.0 AM / BM + Ferrite black 5m

Compliant with USB rev. 2.0
Support Low-speed (1.5Mbps) and Full-speed (12Mbps) and High-speed (480Mbps)
For connecting computer to USB-Compatible printer, scanner, or hard drive
Support up to 127 linked devices in daisy chain
Gold Plated copper contacts minimize data loss
Cable jacket is extremly flexible for using in tight areas
Foiled and braided shield coplies with fully rated cable specifications
Impedence matches twisted pair construction helps to minimize cross talk, ensures high-speed , error-free transmission

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